International Certifications and Immersions

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Global Speech, Drama & Communications Certification Programs

Trinity College London & University of West London curriculum designed to support in developing new age skills. This leads to a positive impact during education and making career choices. Additional credits for students aspiring to study in the UK

Book Writing and Publishing

Developing young writers in a structured manner with workshops, coaching and interventions to become published authors

Solve Rubik's Cube Superfast
For Age group 8 to 99 years

Rubik Cube has fascinated all ages for a long time. People have never felt as ecstatic and joyful as they feel after solving the cube. Learn how to solve multiple types of Rubik Cubes, superfast, and potentially participate in the competitions hosted by World Cube Association.

International Career Visits

Learners 12 years of age and above can begin a quest for new age careers in Liberal Arts, Social Impact & Entreprenuership. Spend2 weeks with the best ecosystems in Europe, enabling students to be able to make an informed decision about their future.